September 26, 2017

Seminar on empowering female students

Seminar on empowering female students

Sawa, 23 September 2017- Seminar aimed at enabling female students in Sawa become competitive in their education was held on 10 and 21 September.

At the seminar in which female students of the 31st round members of the national service participated, deliberations were provided on the significance of education on the private and community development, methods of study, gender equality as well as on the benefit of leading communal life.

In her deliberation, Teacher Amira Alamin reminded the female students to properly use the educational opportunity provided and become competitive. She also said that Sawa is hub in which students from every corner of the country come together and share experiences among each other and that will have significant impact in their lives.

Ms. Amira further said that developing groups study and discussions, choosing proper place and time for study and discussions as well as developing self-confidence are some of the basic instruments for success that the students should follow in earnest.

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