May 29, 2011

Seminar highlights socio-economic progress in Gash-Barka region

Tessenei, 28 May 2011 – A seminar conducted in Tessenei town highlighted that the socio-economic development scored in Gash-Barka region over the past 20 years is the outcome of the existing close coordination between the people and the Government and the spirit of hard work.

At a seminar with the representatives of the people from the sub-zones of Haikota, Tessenei, Golij, it was disclosed that the greater portion of the region has been interlinked through road networks, in addition to the impressive progress made in education, health, potable water supply and transport services.

The seminar also took note of the fact that a number of people who were leading nomadic way of life have been regrouped and have already become beneficiaries of various social services. Wide-ranging projects have also been implemented at a cost of over 3.5 billion Nakfa, whereas 74% of the population of the region has already got access to potable water supply. Besides, 74% of the villages in the region have become beneficiaries of transport service.

In closing remarks, the Administrator of Gash-Barka region, Mr. Mussa Rab’a, indicated that such impressive achievements are scored in the face of external hostilities, and as such represent double success.

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