July 13, 2018

Seminar by President Isaias in Sawa

Seminar by President Isaias in Sawa

Asmara, 13 July 2018 – President Isaias Afwerki held a seminar for the participants of the 8th National Youth Festival in Sawa and underlined that strong effort will be exerted to make up the lost opportunities between the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia over the past 20 years.The seminar was attended by youths from inside the country and abroad.

Noting that all communication facilities are reopening with a view to realize the socio-economic development of the two peoples, President Isaias said that all measures are being taken to that end.

President Isaias also praised for the bold political choice and clear vision Prime Minister Dr. AbiyAhmed has demonstrated and that will make significant contribution to the overall development of both countries.

President Isaias also called on the public in general and the youth in particular to make proper use of the opportunity created for lasting development and in the nation-building process.

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