June 30, 2011

Scheme Issued By US Representative In Eritrea Reflects Daydream Of The Administration: Eritrean Nationals

Asmara, 29 June 2011 – A number of Eritrean nationals said that the statement made by the US representative in Eritrea saying that ‘Washington should resort to a campaign of recruiting students and youths through the funding of NGOs, religious organizations and the like, as the hostilities weaved against Eritrea have failed to succeed.’ In this connection, the nationals pointed out that the scheme issued by the US representative in Eritrea in a futile attempt of ‘recruiting Eritrean nationals abroad’ reflects daydream of the Administration.

The nationals told ERINA that the campaign being waged by the representatives of the US Administration to block the financial assistance extended to martyrs’ families on the part of Eritreans in the Diaspora and trying to foment division along the lines of religion and others amply demonstrate the firm unity of the Eritrean people on the one hand, and the growing desperation of enemy quarters on the other.

The following are the remarks made by some of the nationals:

Fitsum Gebrai – The sad truth is that the enemy forces could not even draw a lesson from past experience; the Eritrean people dealt integrated rebuff to the unjust and illegal sanctions resolution. Hence, Eritrean unity is unshakable.

Daniel Iyasu – Independence was not handed to the Eritrean people in silver platter; the present challenges we are facing are but a continuation of previous ones. Enemy plots did not succeed in the past, nor will they today.

Ibrahim Mohammed Anja – If at all the so-called Ambassadors are fully bent on ‘gathering’ pure lies as highlighted in the wikileaks reports, it is indeed a laughingstock that adequately proves their wicked intentions.

Alganesh Berhe – Our government is the fruit of our struggle; we have full confidence and trust in our President, the Government and the Front. It at all there is any party that dreams about division between the people and the leadership, Christians and Moslems, it is but a reflection of utter ignorance about Eritrea and its people. As for the futile anti-Eritrea machinations on the part of the US Administration, it would ended up in utter failure as in the past.

Tesfom Kiros – sanctions was already there in the past; but was doomed to failure through the firm rebuff of the people and Government of Eritrea. Current attempts by some enemy quarters to draw a wedge between the people and the leadership is to no avail; for both are two faces of the same coin.

Michael Arefaine – Unlike some peoples in the world, the Eritrean people never kneel down to enemy conspiracies and acts of blackmail.

Dr. Yemane Misgina – The only remaining option for the enemy is to engage in so-called diplomatic maneuvers in a bid to isolate Eritrea. However, such wicked ploys are doomed to failure; Washington’s foreign policy in Africa in general and Eritrea in particular has reached the final phase of a fiasco.

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