July 12, 2018

Sawa: 8th National Youth Festival

Sawa: 8th National Youth Festival

Asmara, 11 July 2018 – Eritrean youth from the Diaspora arrived in Sawa to participate at the 8th National Youth Festival that will be held from 13 to 15 July in conjunction with the graduation of members of the 31st round of the national service under the theme “Youth: The Vigor of Sustainable Development”.

The Eritrean youth from Canada, Europe, the US and the Middle East expressed that the festival is unique for it is being conducted at a time of peaceful atmosphere prevailing in the region.

Indicating that the festival will create a forum for those youth from Diaspora to exchange experiences and develop friendship as well as unity and love of country, the youth said that the number of youth from the Diaspora going to Sawa to join the ranks of the national service is increasing.

The 8th National Youth Festival will feature handing over of a number of awards including the “Soira”, “Sawa” and “Innovation and Creativity” to the youths who demonstrated excellence in their contribution towards the success of programs of the Union, in addition for outstanding role in innovation and creativity, besides to students who completed High School education abroad.

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