November 9, 2011

Roads in Central region being renovated

Asmara, 8 November 2011- Roads in the Central region are being renovated, according to Eng. Mihretab Hailemariam from the infrastructure unit of the regional Adminstration.

The renovation activities undertaken by ASBECO Construction Company also include the renovation of pipeline sand construction of sewage system, in addition to the designation of parking lots.

Eng. Mihreteab pointed out that Vilagio – Adi- Guadad road is being renovated along with the construction of canals and sewage system, as well as the construction of new road from Martys Cemetery to Vilagio and parking lots around Bahti Meskerem Square.

He further indicated that the Medeber-Arabate Asmara and Gejeret routes have already been completed, in addition to the canals and roads under construction in various parts of the region.

Furthermore, pipelines along the road to Sembel and sewage systems are under installation, and the renovation of the Asmara-Kushet route renovation is nearing finalization.

The infrastructure facilities put in place in the Central region will make due contribution in the livelihood of the inhabitants, and that the road renovation plan will continue in Hazhazand Mai-Chehot, among others, Eng. Mihreatab added.

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