December 18, 2012

Research papers presented at Second National Investment Conference

Research papers presented at Second National Investment Conference

Asmara, 18 December 2012 – A number of research papers were presented at the Second National Investment Conference here in the capital with a view to providing participants with the necessary information pertaining to investment opportunities and prospects in the Homeland.

The papers presented yesterday highlighted ways and means of fostering citizens’ participation in the national economy, fiscal policy, investment prospects relating to agriculture, manufacturing and tourism, as well as investment of pension fund. The papers also dealt with enhancing women’s role in national entrepreneurial activities.

The Conference participants on their part conducted extensive discussion on the papers presented and put forth views and opinions as regards the need to conduct the necessary study concerning the effective harnessing of fishery resources, the upgrading of taxation method, extending investment opportunities in the tourism as well as transport sectors, and the transfer of government-owned service businesses to the private sector,

Moreover, the participants voiced satisfaction with the Government’s acceptance of the views and opinions they presented at the First National Investment Conference and the decision it subsequently made to take practical action in 2013. They further asserted that such action would give added impetus to their investment ventures.

Meanwhile, the Conference has concluded with the adoption of recommendations.

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