December 17, 2011

Representatives of Northern Red Sea region voiced deep impression with on-going development and infrastructure programs

Asmara, 16 December 2011 – About 120 public representatives of the Northern Red Sea region from the sub-zones of Nacfa, Afabet, Karora and Adobha who conducted a ten-day tour in Gash-Barka, Anseba, Central, Southern and Northern Red Sea regions respectively to observe major development and infrastructure programs implemented over the past 20 years have expressed deep impression with the all-round development drive underway in the country.

The representatives who have made due contribution in the days of the armed struggle for liberation through strengthening public organization and encouraging the freedom fighters are fulfilling their duties as administrators, and village elders, as well as representatives of associations.

The coordinator of the tour, Ms. Liya Gebreab, explained that the program is aimed at enabling the nationals to personally witness the implementation of development program’s which they have been following via the mass media and gain experience. She added that they visited Gerset, Fanko Rawi, Fanko Tsmu’e, Aligidir and the agricultural projects below dams, factories in Alebu, the Eritrean Livestock Corporation, Gash-Alebu bridge, Barentu Referral Hospital, Sawa Vocational Training Center, Hamelmao Agricultural College, infrastructural development of Keren town and Elaberid Agriculture Project, during which briefings were given to them by experts.

Moreover, the public representatives observed agricultural projects in Serejeka sub-zone, factories in Asmara, Asmara International Airport, the Ministry of Information, Adi-Keih College of Social Sciences and Arts, in addition to the Egla-Demhina road, among others.

Besides, they have visited Gedem Cement Factory, Massawa International Air port, Massawa port and She’ib Agricultural Project. The representatives also met with Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed-Seid, Secretary of the PFDJ and wished him full health and presented to him sword souvenir on behalf of the people in their respective regions.

The representatives expressed appreciations for the generous hospitality accorded them on the part of institutions in all the regions they visited.

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