October 4, 2011

Regional Geo-Congress opens in Asmara

Asmara, October 4, 2011- Regional Geo-Congress opened today at Asmara Palace Hotel. Ministers, senior PFDJ higher officials, regional Administrators, representatives of Mining Companies of different countries, geologists, mining experts, investors and service-rendering institutions took part in the opening session.

In an opening address, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mr. Ahmed Haj Ali, said that the congress holds permanent place in the calendar of the mining industry, and pointed out that it will have historical impact on the development of mining activities in the region.

Furthermore, Mr. Haj Ali noted the significance of the ‘Arab-Nubian Shield’ region for its geo-resources, and expressed expectation that the current Congress would make significant contribution in identifying conducive investment opportunities. The Minister further explained that the basis of Eritrea’s investment policy is the achievement so far registered in the mining sector. He also noted that the on-going mining and exploration activities in Eritrea on the basis of internal capacity hold promising prospects.

Mr. Abdelbaji Jalani, Minister of Mines of the Republic of Sudan, on his part expressed appreciation to the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the State of Eritrea for organizing such a congress, and indicated that it is time for the ‘Arab-Nubian Shield’ region to share experiences and expertise that would attract investors. He also underlined the importance of member countries attaining international standard.

Study papers regarding utilization and location of mines, Bisha Mining, as well as the technology in application, activities of Zara Project, and mining exploration in Debarwa would be presented at the Congress.

A total of 300 participants, including 60 foreigners are participating in the current Congress which would continue until 8 October.

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