January 25, 2018

Public diplomacy activities

Public diplomacy activities

Asmara, 25 January 2018 – Eritrean national residing in Qatar and Germany conducted varied activities with a view to strengthen organizational capacity and augment participation and contribution in the national development drives.

The branch of the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice in Qatar conducted its 5th congress, reports indicate.

Speaking at the event, the Eritrean Ambassador Mr. Ali Ibrahim pointing out that integrated effort is vital for the successful of the implementation of the national development endeavors, called for sustained assessment of the implementation of the setout programs.

The head of Organizational Affairs of the YPFDJ, Mr. Hashem Mahmud on his part, stated that enhancing awareness and improving organizational capacity are among the major instruments for the successful implementation of the Front’s programs.

At the congress, a new executive committee was elected and the participants adopted various resolutions and recommendations.

In the same vein, in a meeting the National Union of the Eritrean Women branch in Germany organized in Cologne, 1, 480 Euro was contributed in support of the National Association of the Eritrean War Disabled Veterans.

Speaking at the event, the chairwoman of the branch, Ms. Dehab Iyasu expressed her expectation that the support provided to the disabled veterans will create spiritual satisfaction for the citizens and called for the sustainability of the support and its transfer to generations to come.

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