June 28, 2012

Protest rally at the Amoudi Woyane Festival in DC-Sunday 5PM

Protest rally at the Amoudi Woyane Festival in DC – Sunday 5PM

Patriotic Ethiopians in the Washington DC area are organizing a protest rally against the Al Amoudi blood money festival that will start this coming Sunday, July 1 at the RFK Stadium.

The purpose of the protest is to disrupt and make the event fail because:
1. Al Amoudi and the Woyanne junta are thieves and mass murderers.
2. The $2 million that is being spent for the festival is stolen from the people of Ethiopia.
3. It is a Woyanne political event under the cover of sports that is intended to divide the Ethiopian community in the Diaspora.
4. Al Amoudi and the Woyanne junta continue to commit gross injustice against the people of Ethiopia.

Give voice to our voiceless people in Ethiopia by participating in the protest rally Sunday.
Date: July 1, 2012.
Time: 5.00 PM
Place: RFK Stadium, Washington DC

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