May 29, 2019

Projects to ensure potable water supply

Projects to ensure potable water supply

Asmara, 29 May 2019- The Ministry of Land, Water and Environment reported that major nation-wide projects of water infrastructure and distribution networks, especially in Asmara, launched in the past years are progressing with satisfactory pace to address household consumption, agricultural and industrial needs in accordance with comprehensive national roadmap.

Indicating that pre-independence Eritrea had been relying from rainfall, the Ministry indicated that in the past 28 years about 300 dams have been constructed with a view to enrich under ground water. The report further stated that provision of potable water in urban areas has increased from 30% to 90% and that of rural areas from 7% to 80%.

Mr. Saleh Ahmedin, head of Adi-Halo project, said that strategic dams including Kerkebet, Fanko-Tsimue, Fanko-Rawi, Gerset and Misilam have been constructed and Gahtelai dam is under construction and that aggregate volume of water harvested in the dams exceeds 500 million cubic meters.

Pointing out that effort is being exerted to alleviate the portable water supply shortage in major cities and in Asmara in particular, Mr. Saleh said that the putting in place of water reservoirs in higher placed in Asmara attest to the effort being exerted. Mr. Saleh went on to say that the water reservoirs are expected to hold 77 thousand barrels of water.

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