November 7, 2017

Professional Forum held in London UK

Professional Forum held in London UK

London | Mr. Yohannes Fassil, member of the Advisory Board, presented the opening remarks by welcoming the participants and wishing the event a success. The aim of the forum is to start mobilising Eritrean Professionals towards the establishment of strong, viable and vibrant associations and to establish practical and formal links with institutions in Eritrea.

Mr. Yohannes Fasil stressed the importance of knowledge exchange and chaired the session where he provided insight into the challenges and opportunities for higher education in Eritrea, and discussed the most important issues.

Following a short introduction the event was kicked off with a presentation by Mr. Habte Tewelde, (PVC) Professional Volunteer coordinator, explained and briefed on the volunteering program, understanding and its implications on internees and professionals who travel to Eritrea as well as achievements recorded in the last four months along with the challenges faced and the means used to overcome them.

Dr. Tekeste Ghebray, former IGAD General Secretary, on his part presented his experience and explained the importance and opportunities of working for international institutions such as the United Nations. He also noted to actively identify and build relationships with potential scholars as well as to nurture and solidify the relationship with existing partners.

Dr. Edward Denison’s presentation started with the 20-year relation he has with Eritrea and how Eritrea resonated with him while touring Africa. He described it as “a walk in Asmara is a phenomenal experience for westerners” and appreciated Eritrean’s relationship with their city. He also spoke about the cultural assets rehabilitation project, Asmara’s inscription to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the work done with the push of the Eritrean government on self reliance and increasing of capacity on planning, and digitally scanning the archives which he described as the richest archives he had come across.

On the issue of the building moratorium, he explained how the Eritrean government made a halt on building for 15 years to give time to understand Asmara and how the city building heritage and municipality worked to legally protect it whilst allowing the city to thrive and develop. He also mentioned the forming and development of linkages between Higher Education Institutions in UK and Eritrea.

Dr. Alem Tesfay and Ms.Yordanos Tecle, expressed their experiences on working in Eritrea and shared facts on the ground in building human capacity, education services and opportunities.

The event brought together a number of scholars with specific interest in Eritrea and was an opportunity for specialists and experts, in all sectors and fields to discuss:-

1. The importance of networking, mobilisation & organization of Eritrean professionals in the UK.
2. Creating national capacity and the role and contribution of Eritrean professionals.

Towards the end of the presentation the participants were given the opportunity to ask questions, adequate answers including current achievements with regards to the set goals, as well as the policies that the government of Eritrea is taking on, the overall diversification for the purposes of sustainability were clearly explained. According to the participants the outcome of the forum was enlightening and was one that gave a holistic overview into the overall issue of all Institutions of Higher Education.

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