August 15, 2011

Press Statement

The statement which the US representative to the United Nations made on the 11th of August is but a cheap propaganda worth throwing into the dustbin of lies and incrimination.

If at all there exist an additional ploy in her discredited imaginary lie, it is the allegation she uttered claiming that “there exists famine in Eritrea which they are trying to cover up.”

The statement by the US representative attests to the ever growing frustration and anxiety that emanate from Eritrea’s non-inclusion within the ranks of donor-recipient nations, coupled with the enemy acts of conspiracy in the political, economic and security domains designed to impede its development drive.

If at all the US Administration cares for the people of the Horn region, the first step it needs to take is that of putting an end to its acts of crude interference and enmity that is undermining the peace and stability of the region resulting in massive humanitarian crisis. As for the Eritrean people, they have the capacity of feeding themselves thanks to their hardworking tradition.

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