June 22, 2011


At a time when heated debate is underway on the part of many quarters calling for the annulment of the illegal and unjust sanctions resolution against Eritrea adopted in the name of the Security Council, the perpetrators of injustice, presently in deep anxiety about the mounting challenge against the unjust nature of the resolution, are engaged in hectic attempts to assemble lies with a view to stiffening the resolution.

The pretexts that the US Administration fabricated for imposing sanctions against Eritrea were the Somalia issue, the non-existing so-called Eritrea-Djibouti border conflict, ‘undermining’ stability of the Horn of Africa and other issues that have no relations with Eritrea whatsoever, and which Washington officials themselves have complicated and for which they are to be held accountable.

Nonetheless, Eritrea’s principled stand as regards challenging such concocted accusation amply confirms its correct and just stance. To that extent, this led to bringing about change in world public opinion on the matter, in addition to raising people’s awareness at the global level. In the face of the shifting of balance of power between the forces of truth and lie, the diplomatic priorities of the perpetrators of injustice in today’s world have become the dissemination of lies at the expense of truth.

Accordingly, these same forces are presently engaged in hectic maneuvers through applying their veto power to prevent Eritrea from participating or arguing its case in the UN Security Council or other forums. It is to be recalled that at the time a conference on Somali issue was convened in New York, these very quarters, in gross travesty of justice, also argued that Eritrea should not take part in that meeting. At a time when Eritrea is calling for a closed-door session with the Security Council in accordance with international law, their argument that the “TPLF should equally participate”, constitutes yet another manifestation of sheer nonsense. It is obvious that the objective of this act of deception is to give free hand to the perpetrators of injustice and their servants for indulging in adventurous acts at the expense of truth.

Under the circumstances, the Government of Eritrea calls on the perpetrators of injustice that at one time pose themselves as a nation, and at other times as the UN, the Security Council, monitoring unit, judges, and police to muster the courage and thus give room for truth to prevail. Moreover, the Eritrean government calls on the same quarters to hear its litigation, be it at a closed or open forum of the Security Council, and thus stand face to face with justice.

Meanwhile, the Government of Eritrea commends all those upholding the rule of law and justice for their stance in favor of the prevalence of truth and calls on them to continue their endeavor.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
21 June 2011

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