June 17, 2017

Press Statement

Press Statement

These are times of rapid and fluid developments in our neighborhood.  News – factual and speculative – churned out in the past few days in relation to the withdrawal of Qatari troops have been many indeed.

The Government of Eritrea has so far refrained from issuing any statement.  Primarily because it is not privy to, and has not to date obtained any information on, the withdrawal from the party concerned: that is the State of Qatar.

The Government of Eritrea believes that the hasty decision taken by Qatar has occurred against the backdrop of a turbulent climate.  It does not, thus, see it appropriate to engage in speculative analysis at this stage.  The Government of Eritrea will make its views known when it obtains full information of the entire episode.

Ministry of Information
Asmara, 17 June 2017

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