June 23, 2011

Press Release – The Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia

Isbaheysiga Dib u Xoreynta Soomaaliyeed

The Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia expresses its unequivocal condemnation in the strongest terms possible for the outcome of the Kampala meeting on Somalia by the so called “Contact Group countries on Somalia” last week.

We believe that the approval of an extension of one year for the unlawful corrupt TFI’s, was ill conceived, illegal and unacceptable by all standards, and if any it serves only the interests of the foreign actors who with impunity and unashamedly violated the rights of the Somali people. Presumably, the decision was also meant to inflict maximum harm to the Somalis, through imposition of stooges, turncoats and kleptomaniac leaders.

We therefore, reject the entirety of this decision and consider it a nonstarter proposition that must be annulled by its authors as well as its sponsors. Fortunately, this latest plot have stirred up the accumulated anger and awakened the latent nationalistic sentiment of the Somali people.

Somali people regarded the resolution as a prelude of an ensuing greater conspiracy against the people of Somalia targeting to the sovereignty, independence and unity of their state. This has explicitly been expressed through unprecedented widespread show of unity by the Somalis, which have triggered en mass demonstrations and angry protests worldwide, including Somalia, which will ostensibly continue with synchronised vertical and horizontal increment on daily basis in a manner similar to that of chain reaction. This is the first time that, since the collapse of the their government in 1991, Somalis have together felt the threat emanating from the terms of the Kampala conspiracy, poses perilous machinations against their very existence, as people and as a nation.

While we cherish our people’s exceptional endeavour and applaud for their show of unity in order to encounter unmitigated foreign enemy plots intended to dislodge, dismantle and destroy Somalia, we remind our brothers and sisters that the challenge is real and immense which requires robustness, rapid reorganisation, resiliency until it reaches the critical mass, reinforce the momentum, and realise tangible and sustainable results on the ground.

Lastly, but not least, we warn those African states in the region who constantly engaged destruction of Somalia through mercenary projects and proxy wars, as well as their Somali accomplices to refrain from their adventurous lusts and immediately end their meddling in the affairs of Somalia. We equally, call the international community and international organisations to support of and stand with the popular uprising of the Somalis.

Vivo Somalia, Success and Salute for the Unity and Revolt of the Somali people.

London, 18/06/2011

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