July 24, 2011

President Issias opens Eritrea Festival 2011

Asmara, 22 July 2011 – President Isaias Afwerki today opened Eritrea Festival 2011 at the Expo grounds which is being conducted under the theme: “Perfect Harmony for National Dignity”. The Festival at the national level would continue until July 31.

Ministers, Army Commanders, regional Administrators, other government officials, diplomats and religious leaders also participated at the opening ceremony. Cultural troupes of the nation’s nine ethnic groups accorded warm welcome to the President.

Following the opening ceremony, President Isaias observed artistic works, regional pavilions, cultural shows that highlights the unity and diversity of the country’s ethnic groups, pavilion of the institutions of higher education, various programs being implemented by the national construction companies and works of innovation, among others.

Various programs are being featured that reflect the activities of regional, institutions, companies, EDF members, national associations and individuals, educational activities, modern song competition, artistic and cultural shows, bazaar and the like.

Pilgrims from inside the country and abroad have begun flocking to this year’s Festival.

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