March 23, 2018

President Isaias sent messages of Congratulations to Chinese and Russian presidents

President Isaias sent messages of Congratulations to Chinese and Russian presidents

Asmara, 21 March 2018 – President Isaias Afwerki sent messages of congratulations on behalf of the government and people of Eritrea, to President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping and to President of the Russian Federation, Vladmir Putin on their victory in their respective national elections.

In his message to president Xi Jinping, President Isaias expressing his strong belief that under his leadership, China will register impressive economic growth and technological progress. President Isaias stated that China’s rising global stature ushers in the opportunity for the promotion of fair international security and economic architecture.

At the bilateral level, president Isaias stated that he looks forward for the consolidation and expansion of the growing China-Eritrea ties of friendship and cooperation in the future.

In a similar message he sent to the President of the Russian Federation Vladmir Putin, President Isaias stated that the resounding electoral victory is a testimony to the all-round progress that the Russian Federation has achieved in the past years in the domestic as well as the international arena. President Isaias also expressed his expectation for much enhanced ties of friendship and cooperation in all areas of mutual interest.

It is to be recalled that President Xi Jinping won unanimous victory on the 13th National People’s Congress conducted on 17 March.

Besides, Incumbent Vladimir Putin won reelection in presidential election that took place on 18 March with more than 76% of the vote and will lead Russia for the next six years.

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