November 30, 2011

President Isaias receives message from Chairman of Libyan National Transitional Council

Asmara, 30 November 2011 – President Isaias Afwerki today received a message from the Chairman of the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC), Mr. Mustafa Abdul Jalil.

In his message, he asserted that the Libyan National Transitional Council has a strong desire to develop the brotherly relations between the people of Eritrea and Libya.

The Chargé D’affaires of the Libyan Embassy in Eritrea, Dr. Al-Hassen Ali Al-Baruni, delivered the message to President Isaias.

During the meeting, the President noted the strong relations between the brotherly people of Eritrea and Libya, and that Eritrea wishes to further strengthen the historical relations. He further pointed out that Eritrea respects the choice of Libyan people and their national sovereignty.

President Isaias also wished peace, prosperity and stability to the people of Libyan and the Transitional Council. Moreover, he invited the NTC leadership to visit Eritrea.

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