February 15, 2012

President Isaias receives credentials of a numer of Ambassadors

President Isaias receives credentials of a numer of Ambassadors

Asmara, 15 February 2012 – President Isaias Afwerki today received the credentials of 10 Ambassadors in a ceremony conducted at the National Palace.

The Ambassadors are:
Mr. Guy FELDMAN                                  Ambassador of State of Israel
Mr. Mahmoud Hassan Abdelal               Ambassador of Republic of Egypt
Mr. Majid Yusuf Yahiya                            Ambassador of Republic of Sudan
Mr. Baard HOPLAND                               Ambassador of Norway
Mr. Mohammed Bin Essa Al-Mannia    Ambassador of Qatar
Mr. Marchel GERRMANN                       Ambassador of European Union
Abdella Meter Kemise Almezruie           Ambassador of United Arab Emirates
Mr. Luis Javier Campuzano                    Ambassador of Mexico
Mr. Jewad Terk Abadi                              Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran
Dr. Sudjatmiko, MA                                  Ambassador of Indonesia

During the presentation ceremony the Ambassadors asserted that they would play positive role in strengthening relations between Eritrea and their respective countries.

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