June 20, 2011

President Isaias Afwerki’s Speech on Martyrs Day Commemoration 2011 in Nakfa

Patriotic Eritrean people
inside the country and abroad

The unparalleled enthusiastic celebrations witnessed during the 20th Independence Day anniversary in which the entire Eritrean people turned out in mass certainly marked a prelude to the current commemoration of Martyrs Day in the historic town of Nakfa.

There are basic facts which remind us that the annual commemoration of Martyrs Day is closely interlinked with Independence Day celebrations:

First, ensuring that the nation achieve continued all-round development and dynamism through hard work.

Second, a country in which citizens enjoy equal opportunities and rights as well as one where social justice prevails, in view of the fact that the nation belongs to all and the dear martyrs laid down their lives for the dignity of all;

Third, apart from remembering the heroic feats and noble cultural values of the martyrs, we should equally take stock of the progress Eritrea has registered to-date so that it becomes a country where citizens take pride of their achievements and where civilized values thrive.

Hence, it is the supreme duty of all citizens not only to keep aloft the memory of the martyrs but also erect lasting monuments and works of art in their honour.

What makes this year’s commemoration of Martyrs Day in Nakfa special is that it once again refreshes our memories of this historic place.

It is equally worth noting that beyond colorful observances of Martyrs Day, we should exert unremitting endeavors to transform Nakfa into the true capital of our martyrs.

I would like to thank all those who made due contribution to the success of today’s event.

Glory to our Martyrs!
Victory to the Masses!

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