September 7, 2013

President gives extensive briefings regarding communications, mining, consumer goods and related issues

President gives extensive briefings regarding communications, mining, consumer goods and related issues

President gives extensive briefings regarding communications, mining, consumer goods and related issuesAsmara, 07 September 2013 – In the second part of the interview he conducted today with the national media outlets, President Isaias Afwerki gave extensive briefings pertaining to communications, mining, consumer goods supply and the government subsidy incurred thereof, as well as diplomacy.

Concerning the communications sector, the President explained that significant achievements have been registered, although incessant initiatives are imperative so as to attain the cherished goals. Noting that fiber optics technology is a key prerequisite for putting in place faster and viable communication facilities, he indicated that the necessary research activities are being undertaken to this end with a view to effectively utilizing such technology in educational activities on priority basis.

In connection with the mining sector and the information posted online by the companies engaged in related ventures, President Isaias underscored that due emphasis is given to the task of channeling the available national resources for the interest of the people at large. He went on to indicate that the national income derived thereof is being directed to basic development programs so as to ensure sustainable impact.

As regards subsidy programs being implemented towards improving people’s standard of living, the President underscored that such an imperative is in line with national and popular responsibility. Pointing out that the participation of nationals inside the country and abroad is of vital importance in national development endeavors, he stated that conferences conducted with a view to enabling citizens become primary beneficiaries of investment and other opportunities have borne encouraging prospects. In this connection, President Isaias outlined the existing opportunities and potentials in diverse sectors, and stated that different ministries have resorted to drawing up investment roadmap.

The President further explained that various efforts have been made to raise the production capacity of health personnel on the basis of friendly cooperation and partnership. To this end, comprehensive measures would be taken to attain still more gratifying outcome through exchange of personnel and expertise with pertinent organizations in other countries, he added.

In reference to external acts of conspiracy against the nation, including sanctions, President Isaias said that such futile attempts have ended up in utter bankruptcy, and that a number of member states in the UN Security Council have rejected such smear campaign against Eritrea.

The President’s interview would continue tomorrow broadcasted live through Eri-Tv, Dimtsi-Hafash and

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