September 6, 2013

President conducts extensive interview focusing on socio-economic, political and diplomatic developments

President conducts extensive interview focusing on socio-economic, political and diplomatic developments

Asmara, 06 September 2013 – President Isaias Afwerki tonight conducted extensive interview with national media outlets focusing on socio-economic, political and diplomatic developments.

In the interview broadcast live through Eri-Tv, Dimtsi-Hafash and, the President shed light on endeavors exerted towards laying the required infrastructural facilities for sustainable economic development, energy and other basic supplies, facilitation of public work ventures and housing development strategy, distribution of farmland, nurturing the culture of work and promoting productivity, ensuring investment and trading opportunities, as well as other issues of vital importance.

President Isaias further noted the drawbacks of undue reliance on rain-fed farming, thus underlining the significance of resort to construction of dams and related water conservation mechanisms. He also underscored the need to enhance activities to this end.

As regards development of the agriculture center, the President explained that the necessary efforts should be made to promote modern farming methods on the basis of land leveling and construction of water diversion schemes, in addition to paying the necessary attention towards ensuring fertilizer and other supplies, coupled with machinery facility.

He went on to highlight the paramount significance of putting in place modern roads, and that the roadmap thereof has already been drawn up.

Concerning development of air and sea ports, President Isaias pointed out that Assab and Massawa ports are the nation’s priority, taking into account their domestic, regional and international importance. In this connection, he stated that the necessary plan and contract documents have been drawn up, besides the programs charted to upgrade the airports in Massawa, Assab, Tessenei and Asmara respectively.

On the energy sector, the President indicated that due effort is being made towards realizing the basic imperatives of meeting the growing demand.

Pertaining to the housing issue, he said that the Government has been working on the basis of the conviction that every citizen should eventually own residential housing facility, and that due policy adjustment has been made.

The President’s interview is scheduled to continue tomorrow.

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