November 28, 2011

Preparations to make Golden Jubilee of modern Eritrean music finalized

Asmara, 28 November 2011 – Preparations to mark the Golden Jubilee of modern Eritrean music due to be conducted from December 2 to 4 have been finalized, stated Mr. Mohammed Osman, Chairperson of the Eritrean Musicians Association.

He said that the observance of the event is aimed at assessing the development of organized modern music in the country and bequeath it to future generations.

Mr. Mohammed further pointed out that the observance is designed to promote modern Eritrean music and make it competitive in the region and beyond.

Moreover, musical presentations, concerts, dramas, costumes and dances depicting the three stages of music development of Eritrea music namely: 1960 to 1975, 1975 to 1991 and 1991 to the present stage would be staged.

Mr. Mohammed also said that the event is expected to shoulder additional responsibility to all concerned parties through strengthening the existing organized and developed collective works of music.

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