August 10, 2013

Preparations for Festival 2013 finalized

Preparations for Festival 2013 finalized

Preparations for Festival 2013 finalizedDekemhare, 10 August 2013 –Preparations for National Festival 2013, due to be conducted from the 17th to the 25th of this months in Dekemhare city under the sponsorship of the Southern region Administration, have been finalized.

The coordinating committee disclosed that the ground for the event which is capable of accommodating thousands of people has been prepared,  thus ensuring the installation of the necessary facilities such as electricity, water supply and temporary toilets, as well as spots for entertainment and display of relics.

One of the members of the committee, Mr. Rezene Fiseha, explained that the process could gain momentum thanks to the active participation of various government and PFDJ institutions, as well as EDF members.

Accordingly, there exist more than 500 tourism-related service businesses, over 130 of which are hotels, and they have made the necessary preparations in connection with the event.

Moreover, the routes to Dekemhare and the roads within have been renovated, while more buses, numbering 50, would be dispatched to render transport service on the occasion.

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