December 7, 2011

Port of Massawa developing competitiveness

Massawa, 6 December 2011- Massawa Port, with the provision of effective facilities regarding loading and unloading is developing into a competitiveness entity in the region, according to experts and managers of the port.

Mr. NiberHailemichael, operations manager at the Ports Authority, indicated that there exist six docks at the port, and that the activities undertaken in the month of October to accommodate four big ships highlight the capacity it has attained.

Mr. Omar Idris, head of loading and unloading of ships, indicated on his part that the effective activities being undertaken in the port are the outcome of the investment made.

Mr. KaleabTesfay, a driver, stated that because there is immense activity at the port he and others like him are working day and night loading and unloading materials. Massawa Port Authority has finalized preparations for further work program, reports indicated

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