November 7, 2011

PFDJ members in Holland reaffirm readiness to step up efforts for success of development programs

Asmara, 7 November 2011 – At a seminar they conducted last Saturday, PFDJ members in Amsterdam, Holland, expressed determination to redouble endeavors towards the effective implementation of development programs, and thereby reinforce national rebuff.

Mr. Solomon Mehari, head of Consular Affairs, pointed out that the seminar aimed at briefing participants on the objective situation in the Homeland and enhance their awareness as regards to reinforcing their national rebuff.

The Eritrean Ambassador to the European Union, Mr. Mohammed Suleiman, gave extensive briefings on the objective situation in the Homeland and explained the on-going endeavors on the part of the Government and people to build a prosperous nation. He further indicated that impressive achievements are being scored to this end.

In addition, the Ambassador explained that substantial investment is being made to develop human resource capacity and ensure social justice. He also called on nationals in the Diaspora in general and PFDJ members in particular to enhance all-round participation.

The participants of the seminar adopted a number of resolutions and recommendations that would help them strengthen future activities in the nation-building process.

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