May 4, 2011

Papers presented at Justice Ministry symposium

Keren, May 3, 2011- Papers were presented at the symposium of the Ministry of Justice in Keren town focusing on basic laws, the role of law in society, community-based administration of justice in the country, human resource development and the activities of the Attorney General.

The papers were presented by Mr. Habteab Yemane, judge at the High Appeals Court, Mr. Seyoum Tecle, judge at the highcourt, Mr. Menkorios Beraki, Acting President of Eritrean Courts, Mr. Mogos Ogbamichael, in charge of Community Magistrates , Mr. Alemseged Habteslasie, Attorney General, and Mr. Abraham Melake , Head of Human Resources Development in the Ministry, respectively.

The presenters gave extensive briefings on the path traversed and the accomplishments registered as regards the efficient administration of justice in the interest of the people and the nation over the past 20 years since independence.

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