April 25, 2020

Over 25m Nakfa to bolster National Fund

Over 25m Nakfa to bolster National Fund

Asmara, 23 April 2020- Nationals inside the country and in Diaspora are continuing contribution to bolster the National Fund to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to report from the Ministry of Health, employees of the Ministry of Education across the country contributed 15 million Nakfa, workers of the Ministry of Agriculture over 6 million and 200 thousand Nakfa, workers of the Ministry of Information one month salary amounting one million and 210 thousand and 742 Nakfa, staff members of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare 835 thousand Nakfa, association of the staff members of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare 20 thousand Nakfa, NUEW central office 400 thousand Nakfa, workers of the Ministry of Energy and Mining 250 thousand Nakfa, and workers of Bidho General Construction Company 150 thousand Nakfa.

In the same vein, the Eritrean National Olympics Committee and the National Sports Federations of Eritrea contributed 200 thousand Nakfa, HLB-Abraham Issac Audit services 200 thousand Nakfa, Milk producers in Mendefera 100 thousand Nakfa, Eritrean Crop and Livestock Corporation branch in the Dekemhare sub zone 64 thousand 319 Nakfa, association of Driving Schools in the Central region 50 thousand Nakfa, Tekreret public water supply services 50 thousand Nakfa, Adibrhim water supply committee 40 thousand Nakfa, Debreselam Medhanialem Church 50 thousand Nakfa, workers of Techno Garden 41 thousand and 533 Nakfa, WASKO enterprise 14 thousand and 80 Nakfa, cooperative association of Badme Construction Company 10 thousand Nakfa, association of NUEW Professional Youth members in the Higher Education Institutions 5 thousand Nakfa,  Matewos Gebrehariat marble works 5 thousand Nakfa, Asmara mills on behalf of Mr. Gebreab Zekarias 5 thousand Nakfa, owner of Anan General Trading 2 thousand Nakfa, ‘Harish’ cooperative association 500 thousand Nakfa.

Furthermore, Mr. Dawit Berhe, national with vision impairment contributed his monthly salary amounting 990 Nakfa, William and Lwei Daniel, 7 and 5 years old brothers in Asmara 50 Euro each, and a number of nationals contributed about 440 thousand Nakfa.

In related news, Mr. Mehari Engida, national residing in Germany, decided the two families renting in his house in Sembel subzone to live free of charge from April 2020 until the spread of corona virus is put under control. Mr. Solomon Habtetsion, national residing in the Netherlands also decided the people renting in his house in Enda-Germen to stay free of rental payments for three months starting from May 2020.

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