December 25, 2018

NUEW working to empower women

NUEW working to empower women

Asmara, 25 December 2018 – The National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) stated that it is exerting strong effort to empower women with education and vocational trainings with a view to enable them self-supportive. The comment was made during a seminar Ms. Tekea Tesfamicael conducted on 22 and 23 December with members of the members of the 32nd round National Service and students of the National Vocational Center in Sawa.

At the video-supported seminar, Ms. Tekea gave extensive briefing on various topics including the significance of empowering women, women and professionalism as well as women and education.

Noting that the vision of the Union is to build economically developed nation where its citizens equally enjoy opportunities and rights regardless of their gender, Ms. Tekea called on women to take advantage of the opportunities created for them and play due part in the national development drives.

Indicating that owing to the sustainable awareness raising campaigns being conducted nationwide, conducive atmosphere is being created through which women can participate in all sectors, Ms. Tekea called for strengthening contribution in the effort to empower women. She also expressed the union’s readiness to ensure women’s rights and continue create job opportunities.

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