January 2, 2012

Development programs underway register satisfactory outcome

Massawa, 1 January 2012 –  At a meeting held in Massawa town, it is disclosed that development endeavors underway and infrastructure facilities put in place to ensure food security and improve the living standard of the inhabitants have registered satisfactory outcome.

According to reports, potable water supply is being provided to a number of villages in remote areas, in addition to efforts made to renovate and construct schools and health facilities. Furthermore, 20 new schools are constructed, and other 5 are transformed from Junior to Secondary schools.

As regards the Agricultural sector efforts made to divert water from the higher parts of the region, and the farmers endeavor’s to construct water diversion schemes, terraces have registered satisfactory outcome.
It is also indicated that training is given to fisheries in the region to transform their fishing method to modern fishing, along with judicious utilization of the sea resources.

The participants on their part held in-depth discussion on assessing previous and future working plans, and lauded the participation of the general public in the development drive.Speaking at the occasion, Administrator of the region, Ms. Tsegereda Woldegirgios, said that the outcome registered are due to the integrated participation of the general public and the government, and that those achievement put firm base for future development endeavors.

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