August 27, 2018

New Vaccines Introduced

New Vaccines Introduced

Asmara, 26 August 2018 – The head of vaccination program at the Health Ministry, Mr. Tedros Yihdego, indicated that the Ministry has introduced new vaccines against polio, measles and rubella.

Noting that, since 2002, six types of vaccinations have been provided to children under one year of age, Mr. Tedros said that the number has increased to eleven types over the years and work is being done to add four more vaccines in the near future.

Mr. Tedros reiterated that Eritrea has received global recognition and award for the strong efforts made in vaccination management, vaccination coverage, quality of vaccines, as well as control of communicable diseases.

The newly introduced polio vaccine will have significant contribution in controlling blindness, hearing impairment, lung infections and other communicable diseases, Mr. Tedros added. He also said that training was given to health practitioners regarding the application of the vaccines.

Mr. Tedros further added that measles and rubella vaccines will be provided to children from 9 to 15 years of age in hospitals and schools and called for strong cooperation on the part of schools and parents.
It is to be recalled that Eritrea was declared “Polio-free” in 2005. However, since the occurrence of diseases is detected in neighboring countries, the vaccine is being provided with a view to avoid any eventuality, Mr. Tedros explained.

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