June 26, 2011

New Stamps Issued to Commemorate Martyrs Day

The Eritrean Postal Service issued sets of commemorative stamps in the occasion of Martyrs’ Day. The stamps have face values of Nakfa 9 and Nakfa 0.80.

“Considering Eritrean martyrs’ significance in our history, commemorating them with stamps is a historic feat for the philatelic department,” says Mr. Abraham Weldeyonas, Head of the Philatelic Department at the Eritrean Postal Service. 

The department will release two stamps of 100,000 sets each on Friday June 17, 2011. Mr. Abraham pointed out that the department had also issued a set of stamp to commemorate Martyrs’ Day back in 1996.

Designed by renowned Eritrean artist Michael Adonai, the new stamps were printed by Joh Enschede Security Printer in the Netherlands. Mr. Michael has also designed seven other commemorative stamps.

Earlier, the department had issued three commemorative stamps in the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Eritrean Independence.

The Philatelic Department, as it does for every newly issued collection, has prepared brochures that explain the technical details and First Day Cover- a stamped envelope, postal card or other postal material that was processed at the post office where the stamp was issued.

The very first set of stamps in independent Eritrea were issued in September 1991 under the theme ‘Freedom after 30 Years of Armed Struggle’, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Eritrean struggle for liberation.

So far, the department has issued 52 different types of commemorative and definitive stamps. The Department has also published a 63-page Stamp Catalogue that illustrates the postage stamps that were issued from September 1, 1991 up to July 12, 2004. The catalogue is a significant reference book for philatelists and the public alike.

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