January 28, 2012

Necessary options would soon be made available for Eritrean Satellite Broadcast

Asmara, 27 January 2012 – The jamming being conducted against Eritrean satellite channels is being further enhanced through additional jamming devices installed in other countries, stated Eng. Daniel Kiflom, technical director of Eri-TV.

Arab-Sat on its part said that due to the fact that the additional jamming waves designed to block the Eritrean channel have also blocked satellite channels of more than 40 other countries (without taking into account 5 channels of the TPLF, if at all they are to be regarded as channels), the Eritrean broadcast was blocked as the jamming became beyond its control.

Eng. Daniel said that the previous jamming that was conducted within Ethiopian territory and the current additional move was undertaken with the full input and ownership of conspirators. He further indicated that quarters like that of the TPLF who provide their territory for such acts of banditry are but mere messengers, and that the objective is to develop media outlets that disseminate lies at the expense of truth.

He also said that the necessary options would be made available in the near future for the Eritrean Satellite Broadcast, and lauded the patience of Eri-TV viewers. Eng. Daniel also explained that viewers could access www.eritv.net, www.hornofafrica.de, eastafro.com and www.raimoc.com.

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