April 17, 2011

Nationwide preparations underway to colorfully celebrate 20th Anniversary of Independence Day

Asmara, April 16, 2011- Nationwide preparations are underway to colorfully celebrate the 20th Eritrean Independence anniversary, according to the director of the Office of Holidays Coordinating Committee, Mr. Tesfay Berhe.

Speaking to Erina, he stated that the preparations for the great event hold a special meaning and that presently committees and sub-committees have been set up to oversee the preparations  that would include carnival shows, cultural and arts exhibitions, educational movies , international sports competitions and decoration of cities, among others.

Noting that as part of the celebrations symposiums are in progress to access the accomplishments registered over the past 20 years as regards developmental programs, Mr. Tesfay mentioned that Eritrean nationals in the Diaspora have already started arriving in the Homeland to participate in the celebrations.

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