July 4, 2019

Nationals in Western Canada hold annual festival

Nationals in Western Canada hold annual festival

Asmara, 03 July 2019 –Eritrean Community in Western Canada enthusiastically conducted their annual festival on 29 and 30 June in the city of Calgary.

At the festival that featured various artistic, cultural and sport activities, nationals residing in the Canadian cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina and Vancouver as well as a number of friends of Eritrea participated.

At a seminar conducted at the festival, Mr. Estifanos Neguse, Head of Public and Community Affairs in Canada, gave briefing on the progress of the peace and cooperation agreement reached between Eritrea and Ethiopia and on the cooperation and partnership opportunities it has created in the region. Mr. Estifanos also briefed participants on the diplomatic engagement Eritrea is conducting with its neighbors and with other countries in the region and beyond as well as on the priorities of national development endeavors.

The participants on their part, expressed readiness to strengthen organizational capacity and increase contribution in the nation development drive.

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