June 9, 2011

Ms. Tsegereda Urges Youths To Enhance Awareness

Massawa, 8 June 2011 – The Administrator of the Northern Red Sea region, Ms. Tsegereda Woldegergis, urged the youth to enhance their awareness and step up contribution in the national development drive.

In a meeting with representatives of the youth in the region, she lauded the dedication of Eritrean youth in the nation-building process. In this regard, Ms. Tsegereda underlined that strong organizational capacity is the cornerstone of sustainable development.

The Administrator further stressed the significance of organizations in schools, colleges and offices in sharing experience to which concerted action requires to be taken.

The head of NUEYS branch in Northern Red Sea region, Mr. Ibrahim Hassen, explained that vigorous efforts are being made to strength organizational capacity of youths, especially preserving societal values and supporting families’ martyrs.

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