January 14, 2013

Mr. Zemhret Yohanes conducts seminar to Eritrean community members in Australia and New Zealand

Mr. Zemhret Yohanes conducts seminar to Eritrean community members in Australia and New Zealand

Asmara, 13 January 2013 – Mr. Zemhret Yohanes, Head of Research and Documentation at the PFDJ, has conducted a seminar to Eritrean community members residing in Australia and New Zealand on the occasion of their 13th annual community festival. His extensive briefings focused on the objective situation in the Homeland vis-à-vis the national development drive.

The PFDJ official made a note of the all-round sacrifice paid by the Eritrean people and their leadership over the past 21 years to safeguard the nation’s dignity and ensure its development, and said that the country is at a stage where it is looking forward to a bright future.

He further indicated that the Eritrean government has been exerting endeavors to improve the livelihood of citizens, and that the introduction of new machinery targeting the agriculture, construction and other domains attest to it.

Moreover, Mr. Zemhret pointed out that the Homeland could ensure a favorable environment for new investment and thereby give added impetus to its development drive thanks to the accomplishments registered pertaining to infrastructure and other prerequisites to this end. He also called on the nationals to become beneficiaries of the new investment prospects.

The participants of the seminar expressed satisfaction with the detailed briefing, and reiterated their readiness to enhance participation in State affairs.

Reports indicated that a number of citizens from Australia and New Zealand are taking part in the festival at Melbourne city in which Aser Cultural Troupe is presenting impressive performances.

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