August 24, 2019

Mr. Tesfai Gebreyesus passed away

Mr. Tesfai Gebreyesus passed away

Asmara, 24 August 2019- The former member of FIFA and President of the Eritrean National Football Federation, Mr. Tesfai Gebreyesus passed away at the age of 78.Mr. Tesfai had worked for over 50 years as International Referee, FIFA’s and CAF’s Referees Instructor, as well as President of Football Confederation of East and Central African countries.

Mr. Tesfai had been a renowned International Referee for over 22 years and had successfully refereed the final African Cup in 1970 and 1980, at the Argentina World Cup 1978 and at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.

Mr. Tesfai had played significant role in the renaissance and management of Eritrean football.

Mr. Tesfai was awarded Medal of Honor from the Supreme Council for Sports in Africa in 2012.

The funeral service of the late Mr. Tesfai Gebreyesus will be held tomorrow, 25 August at 8:00 AM at the Hazhaz Cemetery.
Expressing deep sorrow in the passing away of Mr. Tesfai Gebreyesus, the Commission of Culture and Sports as well as the Eritrean National Football Federation conveys condolences to families and friends.

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