July 26, 2016

Most development programs in Central region implemented

Most development programs in Central region implemented

Most development programs in Central region implementedMost of the development programs in the Central region have been implemented with the strong participation of the public. That was disclosed at the six months activities assessment meeting conducted on 25 July.

At the assessment meeting in which heads of government and PFDJ officials, administrators and managing directors took part, Maj. Gen. Romodan Osman Awoliai, the Governor of the region, indicated that thanks to the strong participation of the public most of the six months development programs have been implemented. He also gave extensive briefing on the coming six months major development programs.

According to the report presented by the MOA branch in the region, so far 2263 hectares of land have been cultivated and 22465 hectares ready for cultivation. The report further indicated that 1.3 million tree seedlings are ready for planting at 750 hectares of land.

Furthermore, major programs have implemented with regards town planning, design and inspection of house constructions, subsidiary roads as well as agricultural infrastructure.

According to the report, major activities have been implemented with regards construction and maintenance of dams, micro-dams, terraces and water diversion schemes as well as water pipe lines and sewerages. Likewise, new water pipelines were put in place from Sembel to Kehawta and from Toker dam. Water distribution center has been also constructed in Adomzematch.

The Ministry of Labor and Human Welfare branch in the region also presented report on the activities implemented with regards social rehabilitation.
The participants expressed readiness to back up the charted out development programs.

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