April 22, 2020

More support by nationals to fight COVID-19

More support by nationals to fight COVID-19

Asmara, 22 April 2020- The residents of various sub-zones in the Central region are extending material and financial support to disadvantaged citizens in their areas. According to reports, the residents of Arbaete Asmara raised 139 thousand Nakfa and distributed to 323 disadvantaged citizens in cash and material. They also decided that 151 citizens renting their houses to stay free of rental payment from one to three months.

Two nationals in Tsetserat sub-zone and a national residing in Switzerland also decided the people renting their houses to live free of charge for two months.

Like wise, the residents of Godaif sub-zone also extended financial and material support worth 107 thousand to 197 disadvantaged citizens in their area.

In related news, a national residing in Gejeret sub-zone who wants to stay anonymous contributed 50 thousand Nakfa to the effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Eritrea-German association 35 thousand Nakfa, two citizens 8 thousand Nakfa and other nationals contributed 60 thousand Nakfa in support of disadvantaged citizens in their area.

Nationals in Akria sub-zone also extended material and financials support worth 41 thousand Nakfa to 210 needy citizens while two nationals in the sub-zone contributed 15 thousand Nakfa to bolster the National Fund to fight COVID-19.

32 nationals in Edaga-Hamus sub-zone on their part extended material support worth 118 thousand Nakfa to 203 needy citizens and Asmara Diary product distributed milk worth 4400 thousand Nakfa.

The residents of Paradizo extended material support to 59 disadvantaged citizens and 12 house owners in the sub-zone allowed 55 people that have rented their houses to live free of rental charge from 1 to three months.

Residents of Geza-Banda also distributed material support to 150 disadvantaged citizens, Selam cooperative association contributed 11 thousand and 700 Nakfa in support of needy citizens and a national residing in Saudi Arabia decided three families renting her house to stay free of rental payment for three months.

The report from the Ministry of Health also indicated that the ‘White’ trucks owners in Jeddah and its environs contributed additional 300 thousand Riyals, employees of Massawa and Assab Ports Authority 514 thousand and 137 Nakfa, cooperative association of Division 84 of the Eritrean Defense Forces 100 thousand Nakfa, Space 2001 Eritrea 200 thousand Nakfa, Red Sea Bottlers Share Company 50 thousand Nakfa, Algen association 10 thousand Nakfa, Natsinet Garage 10 thousand Nakfa and Mai-Hanes private enterprise 5 thousand Nakfa.

Likewise, vegetables and fruits farmers association in Dekemhare contributed 60 thousand Nakfa, tourism service rendering institutions in Massawa 15 thousand Nakfa, 31 retailers in Adi-Keih town 119 thousand and 200 Nakfa, Karibosa administrative area 15 thousand Nakfa, ‘Mekeiro’ liquors distribution in Adi-Keih 4 thousand Nakfa, residents of Mai-Mine sub-urban center 67 thousand and 700 Nakfa, and a number of nationals contributed 320 thousand Nakfa and 2 thousand Dollars.

Ms. Aster Embaye, a national residing in Frankfurt, Germany, on top of the 50 thousand Nakfa she previously contributed she decided that the people renting her house in Villagio area to stay free of rental payment for three months.

Voluntary youth in Mai-Mine semi-urban center and residents of Tsorena sub-zone extended material support to disadvantaged citizens in their areas.

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