October 12, 2017

More public diplomacy activities

More public diplomacy activities

Asmara, 12 October 2017- The Eritrean nationals residing in the UK, Kuwait, Canada and the US have conducted more public diplomacy activities with a view to strengthen their organizational capacity as well as enhancing the role of the youth in the national development drives.

According to report, the Eritrean youth organization in Sheffield, the UK, held its annual conference on 7 October under the theme “Martyrs Trust for Development”.

Speaking at the event in which a number of representatives of national associations took part, the Eritrean Ambassador to the UK and North Ireland, Mr. Estifanos Habtemariam gave extensive briefing on the objective situation in the homeland and the spirit of  steadfastness of the Eritrean people inside the country and abroad in foiling anti-Eritrea agenda.

Ambassador Estifanos elucidated that the Eritrean Government is making substantial investment with a view to ensure social justice and sustainable economic development.

Pointing out that the Eritrean youth played key role in bringing independence and safeguarding the national sovereignty, Ambassador Estifanos called on the youth to comprehend the profound history and underpin contribution in the national development endeavors.

The head of the Consular Affairs, Mr. Suleiman Nur-Hassan on his part gave briefing on the importance of strengthening organizational capacity, consolidating unity and on defying the psychological warfare targeting the Eritrean youth.

In the same vein the PFDJ and the NUEW organizations in Kuwait conducted assessment meeting with a view to reinforce organizational capacity and participation in the national development activities.

Likewise, the Eritrean community in Fresno, California, participated at the “Day of Developing Awareness in Diversity and Disability”, an event annually organized in that city.

At the occasion the community members presented brochures portraying the true image of Eritrea, national outfits and dances as well as other activities depicting the Eritrean people’s culture.

Similarly, the PFDJ, NUEW and the YPFDJ organizations and Eritrean communities in West Canada organized a discussion forum on national issues from 7 to 8 October in Edmonton, Canada.

At the event, extensive discussion was conducted on developing national and societal values, conservation of cultural values and identity, role and participation of citizens in the national development drives and on other issues of interest.

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