May 20, 2020

More contribution to bolster National Fund

More contribution to bolster National Fund

Asmara, 20 May 2020- Nationals inside the country and abroad are stepping up contribution to bolster the National Fund to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

According to report from the Ministry of Health, the residents of Mai-Lafo contributed 50 thousand Nakfa, residents of Mai-Sememo 40 thousand Nakfa, residents of Endagergis semi-urban center 25 thousand Nakfa, nineteen villages in the Adi-Quala sub-zone a total of 111 thousand and two social service provision institutions 7 thousand Nakfa.

Similarly, the residents of Emba-Derho contributed 20 thousand Nakfa, residents of Zager 15 thousand Nakfa and 20 villages in Serejeka sub-zone contributed a total of 143 thousand Nakfa.

In related news, nationals in Riyadh contributed 114 thousand Riyals, nationals in Jeddah 62 thousand and 899 Riyals, nationals in Jezzan 31 thousand and 650 Riyals, and nationals residing in various cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributed a total of 58 thousand and 050 Riyals and members of the National Union of Eritrean Women in Jeddah 14 thousand and 75 Riyals.

Eritrean nationals in Kenya also contributed 103 thousand Dollars while Eritrean students at the University of Zaid, United Arab Emirates, contributed 3 thousand and 570 Durham and nationals in Abu Dhabi 7 thousand and 725 Durham.

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