May 19, 2020

More contribution to augment National Fund

More contribution to augment National Fund

Asmara, 19 May 2020- Contribution by nationals to the effort by the people and Government of Eritrea to combat COVID-19 pandemic is stepping up.

According to report from the Ministry of Health, Nakfa Corporation contributed 100 thousand Nakfa, farmers in Ala and its environs 51 thousand and 462 Nakfa, small businesses in Foro town 38 thousand and 750 Nakfa, Emba-Derho development association 20 thousand Nakfa, Mai-Tera administrative area 20 thousand Nakfa, employees of military garments tailoring firm 20 thousand Nakfa, development committee of Shumanigus Laelai 10 thousand Nakfa, owners of blue building 18 thousand Nakfa, Adi-Wara administrative area 10 thousand Nakfa, owner of Ambesa sweater factory 10 thousand Nakfa, KHF (FIAT) Garage 10 thousand Nakfa, Adi-Godo administrative area 11 thousand 955 Nakfa, Deda administrative area 9 thousand and 32 Nakfa, vegetable farmers in Ginisaba administrative area 10 thousand and 200 Nakfa and Italian teachers in Eritrea 1 thousand and 652 Euros.

Similarly, Ona-Watat administrative area contributed 17 thousand and 645 Nakfa, Kertse-Kemte administrative area 10 thousand Nakfa, Ser’e administrative area 13 thousand Nakfa, owners of mills in Mai-Aini sub-zone 19 thousand and 200 Nakfa, residents of Bealtet administrative area 15 thousand Nakfa, residents of Ginasebe administrative area 10 thousand and 780 Nakfa, residents of Koatit administrative area 24 thousand and 551 Nakfa, Mai-Aini semi-urban center 35 thousand and 961 Nakfa, Kina-Fina administrative area 16 thousand and 335 Nakfa, Kuazien administrative area 10 thousand Nakfa, owners of small businesses in Serhe 14 thousand and 500 Nakfa, Southern Red Sea region administration 6 thousand and 464 Nakfa, employees of Barentu sub-zone administration 8 thousand and 576 Nakfa  and other administrative areas, social service provision institutions and vegetable farmers contributed a total of 157 thousand and 396 Nakfa.

In related news, members of the Eritrean Defense Forces stationed in various parts of the country extended food items and sanitation materials to a number of disadvantaged citizens.

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