April 7, 2020

More contribution in support to contain spread of COVID-19

More contribution in support to contain spread of COVID-19

Asmara, 07 April 2020- Nationals inside the country and abroad have contributed over 1.2 million Nakfa and 171 thousand Riyals to bolster the Eritrean Government’s measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.According to report from the Ministry of Health, the Office of Iftae and Islamic Affairs contributed 1 million Nakfa, Mr. Tekle Gebremedhin and Ms. Yodit Bereket, owners of SIEMENS Company, 50 thousand Nakfa, Africa car rental 50 thousand Nakfa, and Mr. Berhane Tekali 30 thousand Nakfa.

In the same vein, association of Eritrean returnees from Northern US contributed 10 thousand Nakfa, two Asmara residents who want to stay anonymous 5 and 2  thousand Nakfa respectively, Bee Farmers Association in the Central region two quintals of honey, and Mr. Yemane Hidat 2 thousand Nakfa.

Eritrean nationals residing in Riyadh also contributed over 171 thousand Riyals.

According to report from the Eritrean Embassy in Saudi Arabia, three groups of the PFDJ contributed 35,800 Riyals, staff members of the Eritrean Embassy 15 thousand Riyals, Eritrean community members 10 thousand Riyals, Eritrean International School 5 thousand Riyals, YPFDJ 5 thousand Riyals, members of the media community 1 thousand Riyal and a number of nationals contributed 80,150 thousand Riyals.

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