April 14, 2020

More contribution by nationals towards ‘Fighting against COVID-19’

More contribution by nationals towards ‘Fighting against COVID-19’

Asmara, 14 April 2020- Eritrean nationals residing inside the country and abroad are extending financial and material contribution to the effort to fight corona virus pandemic.

According to the Ministry of Health, nationals in Canada contributed 208 thousand Canada Dollars, 19 merchants in Assab and its environs 285 thousand Nakfa, nationals in the port city of Assab 89 thousand and 130 Nakfa, traders in Adi-Keih town 221 thousand Nakfa, and ‘Selam’ mini-bus owners association in Anseba region 40 thousand Nakfa.

Likewise, Gerbet bus owners’ association in Anseba region contributed 5 thousand Nakfa, public technical service in the Anseba region 20 thousand Nakfa, Al-Kedir Salt Plant 3 thousand Nakfa, 10 residents in Foro 26 thousand Nakfa and Bige Milk Product extended material support.

In related news, staff members of the Ministry of Finance contributed 250 thousand Nakfa, Hide and Hide Products association 50 thousand Nakfa, women returnees from Italy 50 thousand Nakfa, family of the late Araya Sebhatu 50 thousand Nakfa, cooperative association of the Office of the President 50 thousand Nakfa, vegetables and fruits retailers in Merkato 108 thousand and 500 Nakfa, Union Agriculture 15 thousand Nakfa, medical cooperative association of Anberbeb Team 10 thousand Nakfa, nationals returnees from North America 40 thousand Nakfa, Tesenei administration 160 thousand Nakfa, association of tourism service provision institutions in Mendefera 15 thousand Nakfa.

The association of PFDJ staff members contributed 50 thousand Nakfa, while the association of motor-bikes association 10 thousand Nakfa, and Dahlak Share Company extended material support worth 114 thousand and 610 Nakfa.

19 owners of social service provision institutions in Adi-Keih town also contributed 132 Nakfa and Abune Kerlos, Archbishop of Adi-Keih, 5 thousand and 555 Nakfa.

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