February 21, 2019

MoH designs new health policy

MoH designs new health policy

Asmara, 20 February 2019- The Ministry of Health organized a workshop today, 20 February, aimed at designing new health policy to be implemented until 2030. According to report, the new policy takes into consideration timely national, regional and global health standards.

Indicating that commendable progress has been so far achieved in the health sector, Ms. Amina Nurhussen, Minister of Health, gave extensive briefing on the effort exerted to prepare the new health policy document and its objective.

Dr. Mismai Gebrehiwet, Advisor to the Minister of Health, indicated that the main reason for designing the new health policy was that with the unfolding peace prospect, free movement of peoples and the ever changing of people’s living standard the priority attention that was given to certain diseases has changed.

Dr. Mismai went on to say that the goal of the new policy is to ensure global health services coverage, strengthening health service procedures as well as provision of equitable and effective health services.

The participants on their part conducted extensive discussion of the new health policy document.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Josephine Namboze, WHO Representative in Eritrea, heads of the Ministry of Health and professionals as well as representatives of the Ministries of Information, Agriculture, Finance and other stakeholders.

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