December 25, 2012

Ministry of Tourism working hard to ensure the future of generations

Ministry of Tourism working hard to ensure the future of generations

Asmara, 24 December 2012- In the research paper it presented at the Second National Investment Conference, the Ministry of Tourism explained that it is working hard to ensure the future of generations by exploiting the nation’s untapped tourism resources.

Ms. Askalu Menkorios, Minister of Tourism, extensively clarified that Eritrea possesses historical and cultural heritages, different climates, beautiful landscapes as well as unpolluted seas shores, and above all peace and hospitable people. She further explained that relentless effort is being exerted to preserve and promote maximum utilization of the opportunities.

Moreover, she indicated that putting in place the necessary services and infrastructure would have major impact in the nation-building process and that the efforts the Ministry conducted immediately after independence have now become a stepping stone for the development of domestic and international tourism.

The Minister who pointed out that the sector has significant contribution in creating employment; generating hard currency as well as developing other economic sectors noted that the strategy of the Ministry is to make Eritrea a tourism attraction nation by exploiting its strategic location and potential resources.

Ms. Askalu also explained that in accordance with Proclamation No. 171/2012, 13 hotels are ready for privatization and that efforts are being made to effectively exploit resources, communication facilities, especially telecommunication services, currency exchange system, brokers and tour agents as well as service rendering institutions.

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