June 5, 2017

Ministry of Health launches 5 years health strategic plan

Ministry of Health launches 5 years health strategic plan

The Ministry of Health has launched on  02 June health strategic plan of action for 2017-2021 in the presence of heads of different line ministries and national associations as well as representatives of the international organizations stationed in Eritrea.

At the occasion, Ms. Amina Nur-Husein, Minister of Health commending the integrated efforts conducted to draft the action plan, said that the strategic plan of action will provide guidance and priorities to move from policy to action and sets the overall objective, strategies and targets that are to be attained in the coming five years.

Dr. Berhane Debru, Acting Director General of Policy, Planning and Human Resources Development at the ministry, pointed out that the first strategic plan of action, 2012-2016, had allowed to gain significant health achievements across the country as it has embarked in the era of Strategy for Millennium Goals. He further called for renewing commitment for the implementation of the guiding document in order to achieve the targets set out.

At the event briefing was provided in regard the general content of the action plan, modality of control and evaluation as well as the role of the concerned national institutions and international partners.

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